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Penetrator Fish Point

Same proven features built on the same solid foundation as our original SHURE SHOT fish point.

  • One piece rotating barbs for strength and quick fish removal.
  • Stainless lock washer between arrow adaptor and the point to minimize accidental turnoffs.
  • Barbs are located in the point rather than the adaptor for easy fish removal.
  • The PENETRATOR shoots straight and does not plane in the water.

The defining feature of the PENETRATOR is its hardened tip. With permission from Muzzy Products, we are using their time tested and proven Trocar hardened tips on the new PENETRATOR. This is one tough-ass tip and its design gives excellent penetration. My personal experience in shooting the PENETRATOR is that it’s like cranking your bow up another 10 or 12 pounds. It’s a very noticeable difference. A few extra PENETRATOR points in your pocket or tackle box should get anyone through the toughest day of bowfishing in the worst of conditions.

The tips of both the original SHURE SHOT and our new PENETRATOR are threaded the same and completely interchangeable. A combination of these two points makes for an incredibly versatile fish arrow to handle almost any condition or fish.

The PENETRATOR fish point is available with either the 6-sided hardened Carp tip or the 3-sided hardened Gar tip.

For those of you who would like to convert some of your fish arrows tipped with our original SHURE SHOT to the new PENETRATOR, check out our store. Extra Carp tips and Gar tips are also available.

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