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Shure Shot Fish Point

This is the original SHURE SHOT fish point. It has a one piece-rotating barb for solid holding power and easy fish removal. Between the arrow adaptor and the point itself there is a stainless lock washer to help minimize accidental turn-offs.

We’ve been manufacturing this fish point forever and believe it’s still one of the best on the market. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and it works! By design it shoots straight and does not plane in the water. What it does do, and does extremely well, is put fish in the boat. Because the barb is located in the point rather than the adaptor, fish removal is quick and easy. Turn the point in a clockwise direction and the barbs rotate forward. You’ll also find this a great feature when the arrow is hung-up on the bottom or buried in cattail roots. If you can get your hands on the arrow shaft, simply rotate the shaft backwards to loosen the barbs, push forward slightly, and then pull the arrow out.

This point has killed tons of fish and is a tournament shooters dream. The point’s conical shape allows for easy re-sharpening when necessary and can be done quickly in the boat with just a file. Or, by carrying a few extra tips in your tackle box you can quickly change tips and wait until you’re back home to re-sharpen. A couple of spins on a bench grinder is all it takes. Extra tips for the SHURE SHOT are available. See our store.

The original SHURE SHOT is one excellent all-around fish point. If however, you’re shooting over rock piles all day, take a look at our new super-tough PENETRATOR fish point. You’ll like what you see.

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